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Thread: 94 rmx 250 ????'s

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    94 rmx 250 ????'s

    High guys, im new to the site, i have a 94 rmx 250, i bought form a fellow by the name of bob in saddle river nj. I was told that drew smith built the bike. the bike is in awesome shape for a 94 and I've got it regestered for the street. It seems to have a hesitation (doggy) at low end and then take off like a rocket at midrange. Then if im running along in the upper rpm range and let off the throttle it seems to surge while coming down thru the rpm range, does this meen its to rich?? I cleaned carb and installed a new air filter and spark plug, (b8es). Noticed it has a 188 main jet, 60 slow jet and jet needle is a r1369n in the 3rd slot. It is a keihin pj carb with a bore size of 38.78mm, carb also has a boyseen float bowl. The air screw is out 2 turns (book says it should be at one, but it runs better at 2). The air box lid has been removed. I'm not sure if bike has any internal motor work?? I know it has boyseen reeds, fmf pipe. and not sure if silencer is stock of aftermarket, but it has a cobra sparky welded to it. I checked power valve and its clean and moving free. I run ams oil at 80:1 and 93 oct pump gas. I live in cental pa. Does anyone have any tuning tips for me??? I'd appreciate any info.

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    The surging indicates that you are lean in one of the carbs circuits. I woud bet on the needle, probably the diameter of the needle (the 69 in 1369 indicates the diameter of the needle) you might try a 1368 or 1366 or even a 1468 (the 14 in 1468 relates to a richer taper on the needle) Also you are probably rich on your pilot jet, the 2 turns out indicate that you could benefit from a smaller pilot jet, maybe a 58 or 55.

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